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With changing education policies and increasing competition, learning has started demanding more than just school edification. Mass teaching is done considering factors like multiple student’s acquiring capacity and the pressure of completing the syllabus on time which adversely affects the child’s education. Increasing competitiveness has made education a contest or a prize fight which has off-tracked the real essence of learning and hence the need for personalized and specialized tutoring arises. We saw the arising requirement of parents and we came up with the concept of Home Tuition Mumbai Education where we provide a home-to-home tutors for all the standards including all the subjects and every tutor, we send to your doorstep won’t be just qualified but will be expert of his particular subject. You cannot choose who will teach your children at school but you can surely bring teachers of your choice to your home. Home Tuition Mumbai Education has a team of intellectuals who are proficient in their field of teaching. Our teachers will not only address your child’s doubts and queries but will also provide unique and personalized study methods. .

Every parent wants to give the best to their child to survive the competition and we are here to provide that ‘BEST’ at your doorstep. As a parent, you are just one step away from bringing the best out of your kid.

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Private Tuition Fees in Mumbai

Standard Fee Structure
Nursery- Standard V Rs 150/ Per Hour Onwards
Standard V- Standard VIII Rs 200/ Per Hour Onwards
Standard IX- Standard X Rs 250/ Per Hour Onwards
Standard XI- Standard XII Rs 400/ Per Hour Onwards
IITJEE/NEET Rs 600/ Per Hour Onwards
Competitive Exams Rs 600/ Per Hour Onwards
Foreign Language Rs 400/ Per Hour Onwards
Graduation Rs 600/ Per Hour Onwards
English Speaking Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards
Corporate Training Rs 700/ Per Hour Onwards
CA/ICWA/CS Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards
GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS Rs 1000/ Per Hour Onwards
Post Graduation Rs 700/ Per Hour Onwards
yoga Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards
Drawing/ Painting Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards
Music/ Dance Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards
Guitar Rs 500/ Per Hour Onwards


Q & As to help you understand to Find Best Tutor

How does a "Home Tuition Mumbai" tutor work?

"Home Tuition Mumbai" is a trusted academic and non-academic platform that connects students and teachers. Students make their selections after examining the profiles of verified tutors, and get a free demo and shortlist the tutor.

Where is the "Home Tuition Mumbai" available?

We are having branches across India in almost all metro cities.

Where classes will be provided?

Classes will be held at students' houses, Tutor houses, Nearby coaching institutes,& Online. However, you can finalize the location of the classes with the tutor at your convenience in any of the above methods.

Are you going to provide content for online classes?

yes, but it depends in rare cases basically on your pack, you are being offered by "Home Tuition Mumbai".

How are we going to get tuition fees from Students?

We have two guidelines regarding tuition fees, either you can directly take it from parents, but in this case, "Home Tuition Mumbai" is not liable for any delay or deduction in payments or we will take it from parents and provide you the fees at the completion of your monthly classes.

What happens if a learner cancels a pre-planned session?

Though both the learner and the instructor will be notified before each session, things do go awry! If a student fails to attend a session, he or she will not be charged. It was the duty of the tutor to confirm the availability of the class to students. If you are notified of a student's inability to attend a session at least 12 hours in advance, the learner will not be charged. You and the learner will reschedule the session after that accordingly.

Home tuition vs coaching center- how are they different?

If the seed of education is sown correctly, it always bears the most intriguing fruit. Tuition courses have always been the number one solution to the problem of poor teaching in schools or any other setting where the child is supposed to study alongside his classmates.

We have excelled a lot with the options accessible in the form of tuition as the times have progressed. Private tutoring has the advantage of having your instructor, which facilitates simple contact between you and your teacher.

Private tutors still have an advantage over teaching students in a more acceptable and desired method in a world where coaching programs have gained significant prominence and are in the spotlight.

What are the subjects and boards covered by the "Home Tuition Mumbai"?

"Home Tuition Mumbai" provides you the best tutor for all boards which are following by all schools in INDIA. We cover all the subjects given by these boards.


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    Our experience has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my children’s education and their growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Personal Growth and levelled learning have enabled my children to gain confidence in their learning abilities. Thank you- Home Tuition Mumbai Education
    Neeru Sharma
  • private tuition fees in mumbai
    In today's time, no school teaches in the mother tongue. And I was very firm that my kid should learn his first language is his mother tongue and he should be able to write it. So I contact Mr Meet from Home Tuition Mumbai Tutor, and he helped to find a tutor for my kid. Mr Meet arranged a teacher for my kid and she was really nice teacher. She knew how to handle small kids and how to teach with a joyful atmosphere.Thank you so much Meet Bhai
    Mehul Patel
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    Best Class facility and Best teachers, Choose Home Tuition Mumbai Education if your child needs personal attention
    Khushbu Shah
  • home tutors for class 2 in mumbai
    Best teacher and adjunct faculty, my child is very happy in Home Tuition Mumbai education
    Jyoti Jhabak
  • home tutors for class 3 in mumbai
    The best institute in AMumbaithey solve problems whenever it is needed for my child. I choose Home Tuition Mumbai Education for Quick guidance and best support.
    Manisha Patel
  • home tutors for class 4 in mumbai
    I would like to appreciate teachers for their outstanding work
    Kenal Patel
    Jagdish Company
  • home tutors for class 6 in mumbai
    Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher to my child.
    Kartik Patel
    Vimal Company
  • home tutors for class 8 in mumbai
    Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful teacher to the kids
    Amit Patel
    Primary packaging company
  • home tutors for class 10 in mumbai
    “Our Kids are Very Happy for the Tuition & they keep looking for it every day"
    Ketan Patel
    Radiant Control Company
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